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“Diamond Property Group believes that wealth creation is a marathon, not a sprint. By affiliating with New Zealand’s most successful and respected property developers, we aim to bring stability, longevity, and growth to your investment.”

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We take our clients through a simple yet thorough and efficient process. Our fine tuned systems allow all parties to establish trust, have a clear understanding of each step and make well informed decisions. This is achieved by us providing constant guidance, expert advice and honest feedback.

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1. Book your 15 min Strategy call. Use the scheduler to book an informative phone call with Maria. During the call, Maria will ask you about your situation, what you are trying to achieve and what concerns or problems you need to resolve. She will then crunch the numbers with Diamond recommended mortgage broker to see what’s possible for you or she will advise straight away what those options are. At the end of the call, she will offer you an opportunity to book a 2 hour consultation is she is confident that DPG can help you.

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2. Book a 2 hour comprehensive consultation.
– During the consultation we gather all the financial information about your situation and we also find out what your current challenges and concerns are.
– We identify your strength and resources and how they can be utilised to help you become financially independent in 10 years.
– We discuss examples of properties that you qualify for and ascertain what you need to get out of property investment, ie. capital gains, cashflow or both.
– Calculate your cash surplus/deficit and review the debt reduction strategy
– We share our knowledge about financial and property market, discuss what makes us different, share stories of our successful clients.
– At the end of the consultation we honestly tell you whether we can help or not. If we cannot help we part as friends. If we can help then we discuss the scope of work, our fee to you and payment arrangement if required.

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3. Book your Strategy meeting and have Investment Properties Presented to you. For commercially sensitive reasons, the content of this meeting will be shared with you at your first consultation. In short, it is the most vital meeting you will have with us. It is also a huge task for us to undertake as we spend 16-20 hours preparing a customised strategy for you. It integrates areas such as property investment, debt reduction, risk mitigation and ongoing project management.

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4. Implementation of all the recommendations we have made and thorough guidance through every single step. Liaison with other professionals. We don’t sleep until your property is settled, tenanted and your cashflow is strong.

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5. Monitoring the performance of your property strategy and investment property. Providing ongoing assistance and problem (if any) resolution.

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6. Review of your situation in 12 months and hopefully you can do it all over again.

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