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Getting ahead financially isn’t easy. Your bank will be reluctant to help you pay off your mortgage 10 years sooner and the government isn’t going to invest on your behalf to generate your retirement funds. And that’s why Maria Temnyuk and Craig Johnson founded Diamond Property Group (DPG) – to provide the expert support and advice you need to help you achieve these goals by investing in residential property.

Having seen too many people making very costly investment decisions by either themselves or through unqualified advice – DPG offers the expertise to help you build wealth for your retirement as well as protect what you have already worked hard for.

Diamond Property Group LTD Profile

While achieving a Bachelor degree in Economics and International Business from the University of Auckland, Maria started her career working as a PA in a property investment company. After rising through the ranks, a decade later, she has worked her way to become a property investment specialist and founder of her own consultancy.

Maria’s deep understanding of how investment decisions can be affected by the local and international economic climate has been the key to her success. Maria is also a Registered Financial Advisor and belongs to the Financial Dispute Resolution Service. Her Finance Service Provider number is FSP434706.

Craig started as a builder’s apprentice aged 15, and within 4 years owned his own business. Before long, this had grown into several companies employing around 200 people. Heavily involved in the rebuild after the Christchurch earthquake, Craig’s extensive experience, valuable contacts, and knowledge of building contracts means that DPG’s clients are always shown the best investment opportunities – often before they are offered to the public.

At DPG, Maria and Craig work hard to tailor strategies and find appropriate property investments, whether you are a first-time or sophisticated investor. All of our clients – whatever their financial profile – receive the same level of commitment and service. We work with New Zealand families on average incomes as well as professionals, business owners and overseas buyers. And because we carry out research on a daily basis – concentrating on the Auckland, Hamilton and Cambridge areas – we can provide up-to- date knowledge, facts and statistics, rather than the worn out sales pitches you’ll hear elsewhere.

So DPG’s philosophy is simple: we want to put you on the road to financial freedom by showing you how to pay off your mortgage faster, create sources of passive income and benefit from great property investment opportunities.


We Work For You!

We negotiate on behalf of our clients to achieve the best outcome. We provide timely responses to clients’ questions. ane we liaise with the best quality lawyers, accountants, property managers, valuers and other professionals to ensure the best results are delivered.


Globally, it’s thought that 90% of all millionaires have done so through owning property. Investing in property in New Zealand has proven to be an accessible tool to achieve financial and lifestyle goals for many people.

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