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6 Financial Literacy Commandments (that I practice and preach to our clients!) Part One

There is one amazing but very common thing that I observe among most of our clients. They come from all walks of life; teachers, truck drivers, business owners, IT specialists etc. Accordingly, they earn different levels of income. I love talking to our clients and learning more about them and from them. Although they [...]

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How much deposit do I need to an investment property?

This is definitely one of the questions I hear most often so I decided to answer it in our blog. I will divide my answer in 2 groups: deposit for your own home and  for a rental property. Deposit for your own home The standard banks' policy states that you need 20% deposit in [...]

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Are you contributing enough to your KiwiSaver?

Earlier this morning I read an article in NZ Herald advising that most New Zealanders contribute less than $2000 per year to their KiwiSaver accounts. This made me think about how insufficient this would be to acquire a nest egg for the retirement. According to the article, someone putting in $2000 a year from [...]

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Cambridge “Town of Champions” – Can You spot the opportunity?

Looking for a secure and affordable location to invest? Look no further. Cambridge has consistent high demand from professional tenants moving to this thriving community. We at Diamond Property Group pride ourselves on only recommending high quality investments in dynamic growth locations such as Auckland and Hamilton. After carrying out  comprehensive due diligence on Cambridge last year [...]

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Is cheap property the bargain you have been looking for?

When you go shopping for a car or a dress, do you look for the cheapest item you can possibly find? What about grocery shopping or travel? Would you prefer to buy a better cut of meat or the one that you will have to trim? Would you go travelling with the cheapest airline? Correct [...]

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If you are an investor don’t make these mistakes

Every day there are thousands of hopeful aspiring new investors coming into the market wanting to build wealth for their families. At the same time there are also thousands of people exiting the field swearing to never go back to property investment. When I ask the latter why it didn’t work out, they often answer [...]

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Best cities to buy rental properties in New Zealand

Whenever we come across a new client in person or over the phone, the first things we share is: – We only deal with brand new property investments – We only recommend investment properties in Auckland, Hamilton and Cambridge We do not deny that there are opportunities in other parts of the country, but we [...]

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Why can’t many people buy their first homes even when they have a great deposit and sufficient income?

The answer is: they have crippling consumer debt. Before I start preaching let me just tell you my own personal story. Despite my never ending love affair with property investment, over the course of less than a year I have added around $40k in consumer debt to my previous car loan. On the outside everything [...]

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