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Project Description

Brand New in Hamilton Generating $260 net cashflow per week!

K was also already an investor when we met her. She had her own home and one rental. She was looking at reducing her hours at work and enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle in her early 50s. Hence she was looking for a cashflow positive property.

She ended up buying a very clever product which is a townhouse that consists of 4 self-contained rooms and also enjoys common living/dining space.

She bought a brand-new townhouse for $649,000 with a weekly rent of $1000.

She also has 100% finance as she used the equity in her other properties to purchase this investment. After all expenses she enjoys a weekly cashflow of $260.

An investment as per above is not for everyone, however it does suit someone who values positive cashflow highly.

We often have investments like this one on our stock list.

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