4 bed, 4 bath Townhouse in Melville, Hamilton, $331/ week Cashflow Positive2020-10-06T03:37:10+00:00

Project Description

Investment Property in Melville, Hamilton, New Zealand

  • 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom rent by room townhouse
  • Freehold Unit Title
  • Purchase Price – 739$k
  • Achieved Rent – $1,065 per week
  • Cashflow positive after all the expenses – $331 per week

Close to all amenities, with only a short 10 minute walk to Waikato and Braemar Hospitals, a short commute to the CBD, supermarkets and Hamilton Lake

The weekly top up is calculated based on the following assumptions:
  • Actual rent achieved
  • Interest only loans
All other expenses such as rates, repairs, maintenance, insurance, property management, accounting fees, and others are taken into account. So there are no SURPRISES for our clients.

Project Details