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Project Description

Dual Key Townhouse in Hamilton with 5.9% Rental Yield

C is a professional woman in her mid 40s. Unfortunately she has lost her husband and is now a solo caretaker of both of her daughters. They moved here from UK to build a new life.

Although she has a generous deposit towards the property, being a solo parent and a bread winner meant that her best strategy is to go for a cash flow positive investment so that the net cashflow would contribute to her family’s lifestyle in Auckland.

DPG recommended a dual-key townhouse for $590,000 with a rent of $670 per week.

The main challenge for this client was more of an emotional one. There was an element of doubt in regard to making the right decision. She felt that she could not make mistakes as that would jeopardise her children’s future.

We respected C’s position and took things at the client’s pace. We provided a lot of more education and guidance to her in order for C to feel more confident and comfortable with her decision.

We also put her in touch with experts that took a huge load off her shoulders, so this busy client could continue just focusing on her job and her children. She is a very busy lady!

When settled in September this year this property will bring $180-$200 in positive cashflow every week.

The final sweeteners were $10,000 and $3,000 cash contributions from the developer and DPG respectively. This lovely family loves travelling so we think we know what it will be spent on.

Please note that we often negotiate generous financial incentives to make the experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

Project Details