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Debt Reduction

This is one of our new services that we decided to start delivering at the beginning of 2018.

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Debt Reduction

It is not unusual for people to have $10k, 20k, 30k or even $100k worth of consumer debt. Examples of consumer debt are personal loans, car loan, hire purchase, credit card, payday loans, loans to your friends and family. Consumer debt is also very expensive as on average you pay 20% interest rate for using the credit.

Credit cards can be long-term financial traps as people only make minimum monthly payments and reuse the credit without getting the balance down. If you have a $1000 and pay $30 per month it will take you 4 years to pay it off! Do you really want this “rope around your neck” for that long?

Being free of consumer debt will allow you to have a better quality of life. You can start saving towards your home or you can start investing the money into different types of investment assets.


Debt reduction service is aimed not only at homeowners who want to reduce their mortgage faster or have better terms but also at the following clients:
1. People with consumer debt
2. People trying to save up for their first home but have too much consumer debt
3. Investors with one or multiple properties

How can we help you get rid of it?

There are several simple and effective financial instruments available to help you get rid of your bad debt. We would like to employ those instruments in our strategy when helping you. We follow a 5- step process in our Debt Reduction Plan:

Debt Reduction Group

1. Have a meeting with you to assess your situation and gather financial information.
2. Prepare a Debt Reduction Plan that is simple, affordable and most importantly effective. The plan will demonstrate how much sooner you can pay off your debt and how much money you will save.
3. Upon your acceptance of the plan, we move to the Implementation Stage. This is where we set up new systems for you and deal with any teething issues. When this stage is done you can breathe easier as you will start saving money and achieving your financial goals.
4. Follow up – this is done monthly or quarterly to ensure you stay on track.
5. Review – we meet for a comprehensive consultation after 12 months and review your goals, crunch the numbers and make the necessary changes to your plan.

How much does our Debt Reduction Service cost?

We charge 15% of the savings we can generate you in the first 12 months. This figure includes GST. For example, we can save you $20,000 in interest payments in the first 12 months.

This means that Our fee to you is $3000. We can also help you pay this fee. Call us to find out how!

Because the aim is to help you get rid of your consumer debt we will ensure that fee would not be paid by you borrowing further as that kind of defeats the purpose.

We also understand that sometimes it can be hard to pay the fee in one go. If that is the case, then we will make a payment arrangement.

Watch this video to find out WHY we provide this service.

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