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Whether you are 6 months away from shopping for your first property or just started thinking about it, this service that we recently launched is for you.

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Is This For You?

If you feel out of control or don’t have a clear direction when it comes to money, this service is for you.

If you are sinking in debt and/or living from pay check to pay check you must keep reading. Even if you do feel comfortable but know you can do so much better then this service is for you.


The 3 main aims of this service are:

  • Improve your cash flow so you have more cash surplus at the end of the week. Say goodbye living from paycheck to paycheck
  • Fast reduction of your debt so you can stop being a slave to your creditors and redirect the money you are spending on your debt towards much more rewarding goal
  • Get you on the property ladder either by buying your own home or an investment property

We meet hundreds of people every year who feel “lost” when it comes to their finances. Most prefer to put their heads in the sand and hope that one-day situation will change. Do you ever have the following questions:

  1. How do I come up with a deposit and buy my own home so I can stop paying rent?
  2. How can I get rid of my consumer debt faster?
  3. How well is my KiwiSaver doing?
  4. I have a bad credit, am I doomed.
  5. I am earning good money, why can I not get ahead?
  6. I have no will power, how can I save money?
  7. I am a saver, my partner is a spender, is there any financial hope for us?
  8. I am in trouble with IRD/creditors, what can I do?

Our easy process will enable you to achieve your goals, have an efficient financial structure and most importantly give you peace of mind when it comes to your finances.

If you do have one or all of these questions then you need help. So many people believe they can figure it out by themselves. However, what they don’t realize is that the situation they are in is a direct result of their thoughts, believes and actions about money. Therefore, how can they change their current situation for the better if they don’t improve their money management skills?

Click on “Our 4 Step Process” and learn about the journey you can start today!

Our 4 Step Process


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