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Property Investment

Are you concerned about your financial future?

Have you ever considered investing in property, but you felt as if you lacked knowledge, doubted your financial means or simply couldn’t find the time?

Watch this short video to understand how we can help you to become financially independent in only 10 years through property investment in New Zealand for less than $50 per week.

Please note 95% of our qualified clients receive our excellent thorough service for FREE.

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Our Service

Diamond Property Group has created a streamlined, stress-free service that covers all of our clients’ requirements.

There are two vital and equally important parts to our service. Firstly, we source and recommend affordable quality investment properties throughout Auckland and Hamilton. Secondly, we understand the important of robust structures you put in place. Hence we organise and manage; finance, accounting, conveyancing, property management, building and drug inspections, chattel and registered valuations and essential insurance.

Our service will maximise your cashflow, protect you against “horrors” and mistakes of property investment, and minimise the vast amount of time spent researching and organising.


“It is crucial to make a plan before you invest.

Investing without a strategy is like travelling without knowing your destination, you will end up nowhere!”

Our Strategy

Your goals will determine what you need to buy, how much you want to spend and when or how you will need to sell or invest again. The strategy needs a start (your current situation) and an exit point.

When we prepare a Property Investment Plan for our clients we prepare a 10-year strategy.

As part of your strategy, we will show you the following:

  • What you could buy straight away based on your current budget.
  • The points in time when you could invest again as well as project the future value of the property.
  • The projected cash flow, debt and equity levels throughout the strategy. Our strategies are based on realistic and factual assumptions and variable being controlled.
  • Final results at the 10-year mark for your entire portfolio. The average couple can expect to have between 3 and 4 investments by that point at around 50% Loan-to-Value-Ratio.
  • Various options as to what you can do once you reach the 10-year mark. For instance, should you sell all your investment or one-by-one? Perhaps it is wise to sell two and keep the other two properties? It will all come down to numbers and your situation.
Property consulting

Most of our competitors and aspiring property investors just focus on the start point only. This is one of the reasons why 90% of investors only have one property investment. We believe that it’s important for you to have an idea of what you will be doing over the next ten years, and what you need to control in order to achieve those milestones. Having a strategy will give you complete ownership and control of your financial matters.

Selecting Criteria

A careful selection process means that we show our clients quality investment properties with the best possible growth potential.

We undertake comprehensive due diligence – and practice what we preach, also investing in the same developments and areas that we recommend. We never compromise on the following selection criteria:

  • Market price – You will pay a market price that is backed by a registered valuation. You won’t have to attend or miss out on auctions with our seamless process. Also, you will never pay a dollar more than your investment is worth. The properties we recommend cannot be sold cheaper anywhere else.
  • Affordability -We specialise in medium-priced properties as they work out most economically and can be less risky should the market fluctuate. We will also recommend properties that will not compromise your current lifestyle. Our priority is to protect what you already have.
  • Fixed price – When buying off-the-plan you can be assured that the property includes everything and be ready to be tenanted.  Any delays or changes are carried at the vendor’s cost.
  • Growth – We only recommend growth areas with a proven historical growth of 5% per annum at least.
  • Location – Last but not least, we look for locations that attract quality residents. Locations, we recommend, always have great schools, supermarkets, businesses and other attractive facilities nearby. A great location underpins growth and is paramount to your success as an investor.
  • Brand new properties – We mostly favor brand new or off-the-plan properties. When you purchase a brand new investment you receive a number of benefits. Firstly, your depreciation expense is at its highest, so you get the maximum tax benefit. Secondly, your maintenance costs over the first 10 years are likely to be at its lowest. If you would prefer not to incur size-able maintenance costs in the future, you can sell the property after 10 years. Thirdly, new properties attract better quality tenants and result in higher rental income, thus you maximize your rental return.

Here are some benefits of property investment that our clients are enjoying already, and you can too!

  • Create passive income to give you more choice.
  • Pay off your home mortgage in 10 years and save hundreds of thousands in interest costs.
  • Build significant wealth through property appreciating in value.
  • Most importantly, have peace of mind when it comes to your finances.

Why do our clients feel confident about investing in residential property?

  • Property has outperformed shares, bonds and cash deposits since 1965.
  • Investing in property can be very affordable for homeowners and/or holders of small deposits. 
  • Property values double every 7.5 to 10 years.
  • The current cost of borrowing is at its lowest.
  • No capital gain tax on long-term ownership of investment property.
  • Whatever the financial climate, this “brick-and-mortar” investment will always be in demand and will provide rental income.
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Book a FREE Confidential Consultation

  • It can be carried out at the comfort of your own home.
  • Availability of evening and  weekend times to accommodate your schedule.
  • The consultation duration can last between 90 to 120 min.
  • General discussion about what we offer and what makes us different.
  • Assessment of lending available to you
  • Complementary appraisal for your home and investment properties created by a software that banks rely on.
  • A personalised strengths & weaknesses analysis is included.
  • Honest feedback and free recommendations as to what we can improve for you
  • No nonsense, no hype and no-pressure environment.

Be reassured that we will only take you to the next step if we are certain that we can help you to achieve your goals and that you are motivated to proceed.

95% of our qualified clients receive our excellent thorough service for FREE

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