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Property Investment

Learn how to become financially independent in 10 years through property investment in NZ for less than $50 per week.

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Do you ever find yourself in the following situations?

1. Your mortgage takes too long to pay down.

2. You pay high-income tax.

3. You feel like you should plan your retirement but don’t know where to start.

4. Treading water financially. living from paycheck to paycheck.

If the answer is yes, then investing in residential property in Auckland, Hamilton or Cambridge may be the vehicle to solve your problems.


You must plan before you invest. Investing without a strategy is like travelling without knowing your destination. You will end up nowhere!

investing into residential property

A few reasons why our clients feel confident about investing into residential property:

  • The property has outperformed shares, bonds and cash deposits since 1965
  • Investing in property can be very affordable for homeowners and holders of small deposits. We will keep your contribution under $50 a week.
  • Property values double every 7.5 to 10 years.
  • The current cost of borrowing is at its lowest.
  • Property investment allows you to minimize your income tax by 30%-50%.
  • No capital gain tax on long-term ownership of investment property.
  • Whatever the financial climate, this “brick-and-mortar” investment will always be in demand and will provide rental income.

DPG aligns finance, conveyancing, accounting, building and drug inspections, property management, chattel and registered valuations and necessary insurance to ensure you maximize your cashflow and minimize the time spent researching and organizing.

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    • Can be carried out at the comfort of your own home so you can save time driving.
    • Can be arranged in the evenings and on the weekends to accommodate your schedule.
    • 90-120 min duration consultation
    • Assessment of lending available to you
    • Free property appraisal for your home and investment properties done by a paid software that banks rely on
    • Strengths & weaknesses analysis
    • General presentation about what we offer and what makes us different
    • Honest feedback and free recommendations as to what we can improve for you
    • No nonsense, no hype and no-pressure environment.

Please note: We will only take you to the next step if we are certain that A. We can help you achieve your goals and B. You are motivated to proceed.

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