Why Brand-New Properties?2021-06-18T06:56:04+00:00

Why brand-new properties?

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Most people live busy lives and a brand new investment property makes an excellent choice, with benefits such as:

  • Low maintenance costs by way of time and money
  • Government incentivises investment in new builds by exempting them from a 10-year bright line test and the removal of mortgage interest deductibility.
  • Hence your tax position will be very well optimized especially if you also include the depreciation on chattels which is at the highest point on the new builds.
  • New and modern means more desirable for tenants
  • Built to comply with the Healthy Homes Act
  • Higher rental yield for new builds.
  • Loan to Value ratios on new builds only requires 20% deposit versus 40% for older properties; a massive advantage.

So if you want an easy to manage hands-off investment that is also lucrative then a new build is a great option to consider.

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