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Selecting Criteria

A careful selection process means that we show our clients quality investment properties with the best possible growth potential.

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We undertake comprehensive due diligence – and practice what we preach, also investing in the same developments and areas that we recommend. We never compromise on the following selection criteria:

Diamond Strategy

Market price

You will pay a market price that is backed by a registered valuation. You won’t have to attend or miss out on auctions with our seamless process. Also, you will never pay a dollar more than your investment is worth. The properties we recommend cannot be sold cheaper anywhere else.


We specialise in medium-priced properties as they work out most economically and can be less risky should the market fluctuate. We will also recommend properties that will not compromise your current lifestyle. Our priority is to protect what you already have.

Fixed price

When buying off-the-plan you can be assured that the property includes everything and be ready to be tenanted.  Any delays or changes are carried out at the vendor’s cost.


We only recommend growth areas with a proven historical growth of 5% per annum at least.


Last but not least, we look for locations that attract quality residents. Locations we recommend always have got great schools, supermarkets, businesses and other attractive facilities nearby. A great location underpins growth and is paramount to your success as an investor.

Brand new properties

We mostly favor brand new or off-the-plan properties. When you purchase a brand new investment you receive a number of benefits. Firstly, your depreciation expense is at its highest, so you get the maximum tax rebate. It is not uncommon for our clients to reduce their income tax bill by 30%. Secondly, your maintenance costs over the first 10 years are likely to be at its lowest. If you would prefer not to incur size-able maintenance costs in the future, you can sell the property after 10 years. Thirdly, new properties attract better quality tenants, thus you maximize your rental return.

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