Why can’t many people buy their first homes even when they have a great deposit and sufficient income?

The answer is: they have crippling consumer debt.

Before I start preaching let me just tell you my own personal story. Despite my never ending love affair with property investment, over the course of less than a year I have added around $40k in consumer debt to my previous car loan. On the outside everything looked good. I was driving a nice car, going out to great restaurants, buying designer clothing and make up and so on. I was living up on credit. Then came the moment when everything was maxed out and my income was half of what it used to be. It was a scary place.

I had to get flatmates and also sell my designer bags and dresses. However that wasn’t enough. One month overdue turned into two months and then into three month.from time to time I’d managed to scramble and pay the minimum monthly payments. I had that nightmare lasting  for over a year.

When dealing with all of that I had to forget about the smallest luxuries like getting a manicure done. The good news was my hair grew out. It was a really good lesson when I was selling my designer dresses for less than 10% of their purchase price only after wearing them for a few times. I realised that all the stuff we buy with money we don’t have is useless at the end of the day.

The stress and pressure that I experienced as a result of living off credit was not worth it. I ended up developing anxiety ( that’s my own self-assessment).

With a great deal of hard work and very frugal living I managed to come out of that nightmare.

So I know what consumer debt can feel like especially when you have more than $20k of it.

Now I work with clients who are wanting to get into the property but the consumer debt they have is a big dead weight and they need to lose or drastically reduce it before going further. Once they are free of it the clients can get into nice brand new homes in Auckland or Hamilton.

IMG_1213So what am I selling in this post?
If you have very busy finances with consumer debt, mortgage or not, etc , If it is stressing you out and you want to find that peace of mind again then get in touch. We can help.

We shall put together a plan as to how we can save you thousands of dollars in the first 12 months and get rid of that dead weight in much shorter time.

We want you to walk away from meeting me/us with a feeling that your life now is going to be better because you have someone who cares about you. We don’t look for clients who are like low hanging fruit 🍉. We treat every single prospect/client like a VIP no matter how challenging their situation is.

Note: I know we have a word “property” in the name of our company however we offer more than just property investment. So don’t worry, we won’t be offering you that service if you need your consumer debt and/or mortgage sorted first.

I look forward to talking to you soon. We are very flexible with call and private appointments as we can do it in the evenings and the weekends and also come to you. Alternatively you can wait the traffic out at our office while sipping on a nice tea or coffee and sorting out your finances.

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